Will 'Views From The 6' Have A Surprise Release?

Fans of Drake have to be really, really, really patient when it comes to certain things. OK, only when it comes to one thing, and that thing is the release of Drake's next album Views From The 6 . It was promised to be coming to us in late 2015, but that's such a long way off that I can't imagine his other fans aren't climbing the walls and foaming at the mouth with madness, the wait having driven them completely crazy. It can't just be me! Of course, the rapper has made the wait a little easier by releasing a surprise mixtape called If You're Reading This It's Too Late in February 2015, but that mixtape raises more questions than it answers. All I want to know now is will Views From The 6 have a surprise release, too? Or is the Beyoncé method one no other artists would dare utilize for an official album?

At the moment, that's up in the air. No one was expecting If You're Reading This It's Too Late to come out, which means it was a true Beyoncé surprise. On the other hand, everyone is expecting Views From The 6 to come out, and expecting it to come out in late 2015. If the album comes out at any point but later this year, people will probably call it a leak rather than a surprise. It's kind of late to unveil it as a present when we already know it's coming, you know? The real surprise is gone.

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However, we are halfway through 2015, and Views From The 6 still doesn't have an official release date. That seems unusual enough that it could be a clue that Drake intends to keep us waiting until the very last moment and then drop new music all at once, knowing that we're anticipating this album so highly that it will skyrocket to the top of the charts even if he does absolutely no promo for it from here on out. Seriously, is there anyone out there who isn't planning to get their hands on this album as soon as they possibly can? Is there anyone out there who hasn't listened to If You're Reading This... so often that all of your Most Played songs in iTunes actually came off that album?

Drake has us right where he needs us to be in order to release a surprise album and have it be a success, so I wouldn't be surprised if he went that route. It would be unorthodox, but that's all right. When employing the Beyoncé method with album releases, you don't want to attempt to copy Beyoncé exactly; people will see right through to what you're doing, and Beyoncé will still be the queen in that respect because she did it first. At this point, however, I would say that it's unlikely that Drake won't announce an official release date at some point. He's already released one surprise album this year in the form of a mixtape. Two surprise albums would just be pushing it.

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