Drake Lyrics That Spark Conspiracy Theories

Despite having grown up with him for years, there's a bit of mystery surrounding Drake and his lyrics: Particularly there's the one regarding his next studio album, Drake's long delayed Views from the 6, and the very significance the the number six has had on Drake's life. But, this is just one of many mind-boggling Drake conspiracy theories — unbeknownst to most, there may be in fact at least six others.

Now in regards to the OG conspiracy, I personally think that all those sixes equate to some kind of Satanic leanings. But to be fair, "Satanic leanings" is my go-to guess whenever something strange is at work. All the Hazelnut K-cups are gone from the office kitchen? Satanic leanings. But beyond that, might there be some other shady dealings in Drake's past, present, and future that we're just overlooking? Well, now is the time to dig deep and investigate.

So with a heavy heart, I skimmed through some of Drake's biggest hits to look for other strange things that may be surrounding the rapper, hidden within his words. What we discovered was nothing short of horrifying.

So here's a few totally plausible conspiracy theories based on some of Drake's lyrics... you know, the ones that aren't already about Degrassi .

"Know you got a roommate, call me when there's no one there/Put the key under my mat and you'll know I be over there/I be over there, shawty/I be over there." — "Best I Ever Had"

You know how in "Miss Me" Drake talks about how much he loves Nicki Minaj and wants to marry her? And how in her video for "Moment 4 Life," he legit DOES marry her? Well, plot twist: Drake and Nicki have been carrying on a secret marriage for years now. But that's not the scandalous part.

No, what's scandalous is that Lil' Kim has been hiding out in one of Nicki's wigs for months (it's a literal shawty, you know?), and Drake has been holding a secret affair with HER.

And don't even get me started on where Lil' Wayne gets involved in this mess.

"Shoutout to the b***hes out here holdin' down the set/All up in my phone, lookin' at pictures from the other night/She gon' be upset if she keep scrollin' to the left, dawg" — "0 To 100"

Drake is actually in the process of developing a Tinder app for canines.

"Faded way too long I'm floating in and out of consciousness/And they sayin' I'm back, I'd agree with that/I just take my time with all this s**t, I still believe in that" — "Headlines"

When Jimmy got shot on Degrassi, the bullet actually killed the show's leading man, and a look-alike was hired to replace him... a look-alike by the name of Drake. If you actually play "Started From the Bottom" backwards, you can hear "I buried Aubrey Graham," just like The Beatles' "Strawberry Fields Forever."

"I wear every single chain, even when I'm in the house" — "Started From The Bottom"

Alternately, Drake is just a ghost.

"Cause the pimpin' ice cold, all these b***hes wanna chill" — "The Motto"

Drake is running several prostitution rings across the globe, with bordellos in Antarctica, Alaska, and, yes — even Toronto.

"And when I'm in the booth, b***h, the lion is loose/ Man I got so many styles, I am a group" — "Miss Me"

Drake never actually existed in the first place. He is simply the holographic brainchild of Jamie Hewlett, with songs written by the men behind Blur.

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