Gigi Hadid Traveled In Leggings & Looked Great

Summer vacations are upon us and with great getaways come even greater style. It's hard to stay comfortable and still look great while traveling, but Gigi Hadid's travel leggings made it look effortless. Hadid wore the leggings with a turtleneck sweater on her trip to Sao Paulo, Brazil and totally rocked the athleisure look.

The model made street style look easy as she hopped off the plane from Montreal, wearing ankle-length Nike running pants and a side zip summer sweater. Hadid was able to combine comfortable and chic into one fabulous outfit and gave proof to the power of leggings. If you didn't already love the classic style staple, here's your chance to fully embrace it.

She dressed the look up with high-end accessories that made the outfit go from sporty to chic with the slip of a shoe. The brown suede ankle boots brought a summery feel to a cold-weather look, but could have easily been swapped out for a pair of sneakers to be just as fabulous. Hadid sported a brown Marc Jacobs tote that was super cute, but it was her stylish sunglasses and windblown hair that made this outfit truly effortless.

Leggings are the ultimate basic. Styled up with a pair of heels or down with a sweatshirt, they make for the perfect summer getaway look. With so many different ways to wear them, there's no reason not to opt for leggings.

All dressed up

Opt for a leather legging to make for a dressy outfit that's perfect for any summer occasion.

Personalized patterns

Dress down with a printed pair of leggings to let your personality shine.

Pair it with a crop top

Stay comfortable and look fabulous by pairing leggings with a sleek summer crop top.

Add some color

Switch up your normal routine with a pair of colored leggings to a bold summer look.

Keep it casual

Outfit the leggings with a simple tee shirt and structured jacket for a perfectly versatile street style look.

There's a pair for any occasion!