24 IRL Disney Princess Dresses That Look Exactly Like 2015's Versions Of Our Favorite Fairytales

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If there’s one thing we remember about our favorite princesses it’s their fabulous, pixie dust covered garb. With Disney princess-inspired dresses for sale, we can all get in on the fairytale action. Time to move over Cinderella! You won’t be the only one sparkling under the moonlight in icy blue frocks. And give it up Jasmine! We may not have your riches, but we can certainly pull off some killer matching separates in true princess fashion.

Whether they’re cascading down fashion week runways or hanging on the racks of our favorite stores, princess dress doppelgangers are actually everywhere. From Marc Jacobs to Forever 21, there’s a princess dress look-alike to fit every budget, so we can all live that happily ever after. Get ready to grab yourself a prince for the full effect because dressing like animated royalty is easier than ever with these fairytale looks.

Images: Disney; Courtesy of Brands; Getty Images

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