Will Chris Pratt Be In 'Jurassic World's Sequel?

When it was first announced that Chris Pratt would be starring in Jurassic World, reactions were pretty unanimous: best. idea. ever. Sure, fans hadn't yet seen him save the universe in Guardians of the Galaxy and prove his action-hero chops, but they knew he'd been cast, and were happily watching him bulk up for the role. Now that the movie's finally out, critics and fans alike can agree that the star's performance lived up to all our sky-high expectations. So the only reasonable question now is: will Chris Pratt be in the Jurassic World sequel?

Here's hoping. Although director Colin Trevorrow told Empire last April that the possibility of a sequel (or several) is being discussed, no definite plans have been made. Considering the likely box office success of this month's movie, though, and that most reviews have been positive, it's hard to imagine that an entire franchise of Jurassic World films won't happen.

As for Pratt's involvement in any sequels, that's less clear; nothing about casting has been discussed publicly, other than Trevorrow's hopes that his star would return. Talking to Empire, the director revealed that his plans for future films involve Pratt's character, particularly — minor spoiler — his friendship with Barry (Omar Sy).

“They work together and have some pretty cool action scenes together," Trevorrow said. "I wanted to create a relationship there that could be memorable and potentially carry on to future films.”

As for what the future holds for Owen (Pratt) himself, viewers of Jurassic World saw — spoilers! — saw him get together with Claire, played by Bryce Dallas Howard, at the movie's end. If both actors sign on to the upcoming movies, their romance would most probably continue, albeit likely not without some dinosaur-sized complications.

If Pratt does indeed decide to star in more Jurassic movies, here's why it would be a great idea:

1. He's Proved He Can Anchor A Blockbuster

Between Jurassic World and Guardians of the Galaxy, Pratt has proved that he's just as capable as any other leading man of anchoring a major action movie. If he can handle those films, he could handle their sequels — and this time, fans would be even more excited to see him star.

2. It'll Make Him An Even Bigger Star


Clearly, Pratt is already a huge celebrity. Starring in another major film, though, will make him an even bigger one, and as we've all learned during the last few years, the world needs as much Chris Pratt as possible.

3. He'll Have To Stay in Shape

Just saying. Who doesn't want to look at ripped Chris Pratt forever?

4. It's Everything Andy Dwyer Would've Wanted

If Pawnee's Johnny Karate creator knew that his alter ego was the star of a Jurassic Park franchise, he'd flip out. No matter what Pratt himself feels about the potential of returning, there's no question that his TV self would say yes the moment he got the chance. Do it for Andy, Chris.

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