Trans Girl Voted Prom Queen In Washington

Some good news out of Washington State today: Transgender teen Brooklynn Buenventura has been voted prom queen for her high school. Congratulations!

Brooklynn Buenventura, who was assigned male at birth and previously went by the name Bruce, was elected by students at Renton High School; her victory was announced this past Saturday at the dance. Two years ago, Buenaventura was also on her school's prom court, but wearing a tuxedo. She told the Seattle news station KING that this year, she was happy to get to go as her "true self."

"I'm not hiding anything anymore," Buenaventura said. "I'm still scared but it's about being brave. I want to tell other transgenders [sic] that it's okay to be out; we're not different."

Her friends and family have been very supportive of her transition. Her mother, Rebecca Jimenez, helped her get ready and told the news station, "I'm just proud of her and I hope she will be successful and do whatever she wants to do."

Over the past several years, transgender prom queens and kings (as well as homecoming kings and queens) have been slowly becoming more common. Examples include Cassidy Lynn Campbell from California, Destiny Hartis from Baltimore, Sage Lovell from Georgia, and Makka Brown from Utah, among many others. Most are the first trans student to be prom king or queen from their school. And every story represents a step forward in the acceptance of trans people. In a world where too often trans people are forced to hide who they are, it is always amazing to see instances of trans people — especially trans young people — celebrated as who they are.