'OITNB' Teaser Turns Up the Heat

Not that I need more reasons to freak out over Season 3 of Orange Is the New Black , but, hey, if the Internet wants to give me one, I won't ignore it. The show's latest teaser has me even more excited. I've been brushing up on baller Sophia Burset quotes in anticipation of the new episodes, which is a good thing because this video guarantees the upcoming season is going to bring it. Hint: One of the characters promised it will be the "sexiest" yet.

First things first: Alex is back after she violates her parole. (We don't know how yet, but SMH.) She's clearly remorseful, telling Piper that it's "so unbelievably embarrassing." As Laura Prepon promises, "We definitely see more of Alex's vulnerable side. But Alex is like a total badass. That's the cool thing about her."

Speaking of badasses, Season 3 introduces us to yet another inmate, Stella, who also is interested in Piper. "She's cocky, she's flirty and she's super funny," says Ruby Rose, who plays the character. Rose adds, "This is the sexiest season by far."

The short two minute trailer also shows growing tension between Piper and Alex. Taylor Schilling notes that Piper is in a stronger place than ever before, which will definitely change things up, given that she's often portrayed as an underdog.

Alex and Piper aren't the only characters undergoing major changes this season. Dascha Polanco, who plays pregnant inmate Daya, recently spilled some details about the new season. “You’re going to see a lot more growth,” she says. “She makes decisions… I think the beauty of TV is being able to show experience, growth, maturity — to be able to show the audience progression.”

Luckily, fans won't have to wait much longer to see the new episodes. Season 3 of Orange Is the New Black hits Netflix on June 12. I know I'll be tuning in!

Image: Netflix