Adults Reunite With Their Favorite Childhood Toys

In this video from BuzzFeed Yellow, staffers gather for what they think is an international cake taste test. They arrive to find that there is, in fact, no cake. Horror! (It is at this point that I would walk out the door.) Instead, they’re given brightly wrapped boxes with their names on them, containing the only things that could possibly make up for cruel lies about baked goods: These lucky adults are surprised with their favorite childhood toys. The staffers’ reactions range from excited to completely elated as each pulls his or her once-favorite toy from the boxes. The faves include a sweet Batmobile, a Lil’ Miss Mermaid, a Playskool tape recorder, and Big Frank (a Frankenstein’s monster doll, naturally).

Objects have an strange, powerful capacity to evoke the past, so it’s no surprise that some of the participants get a bit emotional when confronted with the toys that meant so much to them as children. They recount how they received the toys, and how they used to play with them. One guy emotionally describes how, during a “weird” time at home, his parents threw away a bunch of his toys, and how that strange sense of loss has stayed with him. And now everything’s OK because he’s been reunited with his favorite TaleSpin sea plane thing! Hurray!

It’s downright heartwarming to see how delighted these people are. I mean, just look at their bright, happy faces:

Seriously, this man is ecstatic, and it’s adorable.

This video has me feeling all nostalgic for the toys I grew up with, like Popples and My Little Ponies. And Totally Hair Barbie! Remember her? But there’s one that stands out in my memory: This timeless, ethereal creature:


Dear Santa,

Please bring me the She-Ra, Princess of Power Crystal Swift Wind toy. He was pink and had glittery gold wings, and he was the most beautiful plastic winged unicorn ever of all time, and I loooooved him.

Please and thank you. xoxoxo

Lara, a grown-ass woman

Images: YouTube (4)