Amanda Seyfried Unveils Bob, Which Would Be a Big Deal If It Was Real

Amanda Seyfried has always rocked the most gorgeous blonde locks, but that changed recently on Instagram a few days ago. Looking cute as ever, Seyfried unveiled a bob haircut with feathery 70s vibe bangs and layers onto her account. Girl popped a black and white filter on it, adding to retro feel of the look.

Part of the fun of being an actor is the chance to change up your appearance frequently, and Seyfried is clearly enjoying playing around. Though her next post with Jimmy Fallon confirmed it was indeed a wig, I wonder exactly why Seyfried was rocking a fake adorable bob. Perhaps a fitting for a new role? Prepping for a photoshoot none of us know about yet? Or maybe she just had bob envy over Jennifer Lopez's recent chop or Zoe Kravitz's adorable 'do?

My favorite speculation is that Seyfried was scanning Bustle and read the article on why Carey Mulligan always changes her look. Mulligan explained, "The more similar you look job to job, the more they (casting directors) relate to you from your previous roles. That’s why I’ve done loads of really stupid things to my hair in the past to try to not look the same." Maybe Seyfried is on the hunt for a new role? Regardless of the reason and wig or not, I love her with short hair and hope she'll take the real plunge soon!

Image Credit: Mingey/Instagram