Justin Made Jennifer Sweat When They Met

Consider it lust at first sight. Jennifer Aniston was totally into Justin Theroux from the moment they locked eyes back in 2007, but she isn't pretending theirs was the meeting of two lost souls that were searching for their better half to complete them. Nope, no storybook sap here. Aniston was, quite simply, hot for him. And she recently admitted to how her own body reacted to seeing him for the first time.

Get this: The actress revealed to People magazine that her first meeting with Theroux took place eight years ago when she visited her buddy Ben Stiller on the set of Tropic Thunder in Hawaii. Hanging with the funnyman in an idyllic location would have been enough of a treat, but the 46-year-old got even more than she had hoped for when she came face-to-face with Theroux. Here's what she had to say about that fateful day: "He was wearing black, black, black and I started to sweat just looking at him."

Sure, you could read into this statement and say, oh, she probably meant that she felt hot just looking at him because he was clad in black in the tropical heat. But, oh no, that can't be the only thing she meant. The next time you catch Aniston and Theroux on the red carpet, take note: they are constantly touching each other. Her hand on his chest, his arm around her waist — they always look to be about 30 seconds away from ravishing one another.

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

I'm not suggesting this adorable couple hasn't bonded on a fundamental level or that they aren't actually soul mates, if you believe in that sort of thing. But I love, love, love the way Aniston and Theroux seem so attracted to each other. In fact, the actress declared to People that Theroux is the best thing to happen to her in her 40s. Lust isn't exclusive to couples in their 20s — there's enough electricity to go around and these two are clearly fortunate enough to have that spark between them. The couple became an item in 2011, one year after they worked together on the film Wanderlust, and Theroux proposed on Aniston's 41st birthday, with a ring rumored to be worth $500,000, according to E! News.

Perhaps the world can now stop obsessing over their wedding date. What's the rush when you're clearly enjoying the ride with someone who can make you sweat?

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