Hillary Clinton's First Instagram Photo Is Perfect

Instagram gained another fabulous user Wednesday: the one and only Hillary Clinton. Her first IG post was a behind-the-scenes look at her life — a photo of her red, white, and blue pantsuit options for the day with the caption "Hard Choices." Not only did it make light of her latest memoir's title, Hard Choices, embrace her womanhood, and prove that she's in touch with younger voters, the post was also way more creative than most politicians' attempts. So, for everyone who's going to criticize her photo: Clinton's first Instagram post is actually perfect.

Clinton won't hide the fact that she intends to be the first female president of the United States — instead, she's using it to her advantage. Taking the #OOTD trend a bit further, the photo of her outfit choices shows that she's a real woman who does the same things other women do, like labor over what outfit to wear to a special event. Rather than pretending she wakes up flawless, with a head full of brilliant ideas and a pantsuit already on, Clinton is emphasizing the fact that she's just like everyone else. The post also shrugs off haters who continuously criticize her appearance and those who think only unintelligent women care about fashion, by asserting that it's okay for a woman to care about serious political issues and her appearance.

As well as being condemned for her looks, Clinton has also taken a lot of criticism for her age. The 67-year-old's campaign has been very tech savvy thus far, including her well-made announcement video, and joining Instagram reaffirms that she's very far from out of touch. Sure, I understand that her staff probably did a lot of the actual Instagramming, but simply using the social media site for her campaign proves that she's still capable of connecting with young voters.

Unlike other politicians who's Instagram feeds are full of boring photos of them giving speeches and wishing former presidents happy birthday (I'm thinking of you, Ted Cruz) or are just all over the place (seriously, what's up with Rand Paul's IG?), Clinton's first photo proves that she does things differently — on Instagram and in politics. What other candidate posts wardrobe photos? It's much more fun to look at unique Instagram posts than seeing practically the same photos on every politicians' feed. Clinton doesn't want to be like every other person running for president. A little creativity in a politician is a good thing — America needs innovative policy ideas and new ways of approaching old, unresolved issues.

Spencer Platt/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Clinton's first Instagram photo plays up some of her strengths. Now I'm ready for a few Clinton selfies to grace my Instagram feed.

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