Lyla Garrity Is Now An Accomplished Chef

It looks like Lyla Garrity can call herself a professional chef. That's right, Friday Night Lights star Minka Kelly is now a chef after completing a six-month culinary school program. For those who are worried Kelly is quitting acting to now start her own restaurant or be a full-time chef, well, she's not — at least I don't think so. Based on the photos the actress shared via Instagram, she called cooking school a "hobby," so it looks like she wanted try to something fun and new. Basically, she's the next Monica Geller, right?

Kelly is super excited and proud of her latest accomplishment as she revealed on Instagram. The 34-year-old wrote, "That's it! We did it! What an awesome experience these past 6 months have been. What shall the next hobby beeee....??? #whoshungry #hobbyist #culinaryschooldiaries."

Throughout the entire process, Kelly posted photos of herself making pasta dishes and salads — the right way. Yep, I'm pretty sure all of her family and friends will want her to cook them dinner every night, and there's no way she'll ever go hungry. Plus, she's going to host some great dinner parties, which hopefully I'll be invited to. *fingers crossed*

For my fellow FNL fans, Kelly's cooking diploma means that Lyla Garrity got her degree, after all. I know it's not Vanderbilt, but it's still a success and something I'm sure Lyla would totally add to her resume. Also, I bet Tim Riggins would love to eat whatever she would serve him.

Congrats to Minka on her hobby and new cooking journey!