The 8 Most Bizarre Animal Escapes

You wouldn't exactly expect to see a baby kangaroo making its way down a road in Texas. But that's exactly what cops found hopping along on its merry way this week. Midland County police were able to corner the cute little marsupial with the help of its owner (yes, someone actually owns this kangaroo. Probably not the craziest thing you can own in Texas, though). After offering the 'roo some tasty treats, it was scooped up and brought back home to safety — although it seemed less-than-thrilled about its fate. Authorities are checking up to make sure the owner has an exotic animals license. After viewing this footage of the kangaroo's near-escape, check out seven more of our other favorite would-be animal fugitives.

Chuva the Macaw

Chuva, you wily bird. In 2009, Chuva the macaw faced a bit of a conundrum: Her wings were clipped, but she didn't want that to stop her from seeing the world. So she apparently left the Greater Vancouver Zoo the only way she could — on an RV. She was found three days after her disappearance, sitting comfortably under a family's vehicle in a suburb east of the city.

Ralph Orlowski/Getty Images News/Getty Images

You're a woman after out own heart, Chuva.

Satara the Rhino

Satara was just looking for a little somethin'-somethin', you know what I mean? The two-ton white rhinoceros at Monarto Zoo in Australia broke free of his enclosure and prompted a zoo-wide rhino-hunt. His reason? He was apparently jealous that his female mate, Yhura, had recently been paired with a younger male. Tranquilizer darts had no effect on Satara, according to zookeepers. Now that's love.

Image via Ode to Art

Hairy Houdini

Ken Allen was no ordinary orangutan: he was almost like a magician. Hence the nickname "Hairy Houdini." He escaped the San Diego Zoo so many times, he became a living legend. Once, Allen and his mate went on the lam by using a crowbar to open their enclosure. Sadly, the 29-year-old orangutan had to be euthanized in 2000 because he was suffering greatly with cancer. At least he had a long life?

Via Photoshop Contests

Jersey Turnpike Goat

Let's recover from that one with a happier story. In May, commuters had something else to kvetch about when a fugitive goat ran across New Jersey's very busy Pulaski Skyway. Named "Sky," the goat pranced around the highway for nearly two hours, causing a four-car collision and stagnating traffic. But she had the last laugh: She escaped a truck bound for a slaughterhouse and now resides on a farm.

The Bronx Zoo Cobra

In 2011, Bronx Zoo's poisonous Egyptian cobra was reported missing, scaring the crap out of literally everyone in New York City. She escaped from her cage for nearly six days — and was found coiled up in a dark corner of the Reptile House — but not before she racked up a killer social media presence.

Rusty the Red Panda

Rusty the red panda could've had a chance at escape, but he decided to do it in Washington, D.C., where someone is bound to be watching your every move. After darting out of the Smithsonian National Zoo, Rusty got his 15 minutes of fame among D.C.'s political Twitter power-players, including Newt Gingrich.

Social media ended up being Rusty's downfall. A tourist tweeted a picture of him, and he was tugged back to the zoo soon afterward.