This Campaign Wants You To Orgasm Every Day

When’s the last time you had an orgasm? Seriously, take a minute to think about it. While some of you might not even need all of that time to pinpoint it (“Five minutes ago!”), many of you probably can’t remember the last time you came. If that realization bothers you, I have the perfect solution: the Pleasure Pledge from O’actually, a new company that’s focused on promoting female pleasure. The Pledge is a combination of community and celebration of women’s pleasure with members committing to an orgasm daily or, if that’s not possible, at least one moment per day committed to personal pleasure.

O’actually founder Kit Murray Maloney, 34, came up with the idea for the Pleasure Pledge when she wondered what it would be like if she had an orgasm every day for a month. In her intro video to the Pleasure Pledge, Maloney explains that she was working on a new morning routine at the time and decided that she could work the daily orgasm into her plan. She started making sure she had an orgasm every morning and found that the results in her personal life were significant enough that she had to share them with the O’actually community.

"The Pleasure Pledge is an invitation to women to prioritize their pleasure on a daily basis, with a focus on women’s sexual pleasure in the form of a daily orgasm," Maloney told Bustle. "We have a private Facebook group that’s full of really fun and engaging conversations. Through that, we’ve been interviewing people within the space: everyone from sensuality coaches to psychiatrists, to help us understand why we may or may not have disconnected, as women, from our bodies and our orgasms. It’s really meant to be celebratory and also a nudge to get women thinking about how they’re prioritizing their time and their energy."

In addition to all of the physical and emotional benefits of coming on the regular, participants in the Pleasure Pledge have the opportunity to win awesome prizes from badass female-friendly companies, like my personal fave Lovability Condoms. Qualifying for prizes is easy: just participate in the community by tagging tweets and Facebook posts with the hashtag #icamefirst or #pleasurepledge. Each tag ups your chances of winning. Participants also have access to a private Facebook group, where they’ll find sex positive community, special interviews, and tips for how to stay on target with the Pledge every day.

Maloney knows firsthand the benefits of orgasms but she takes it a step further: she believes that orgasms could change the world, and she’s no stranger to world-changing action. She spent her college and immediate post-college years fighting against rape culture and sexual assault on college campuses after realizing just how unsafe American universities are for young women. After spending 14 hours a day focused on the differences between domestic violence and rape for her Masters in Gender and Social Policy from the London School of Economics, Maloney decided that she was going to have to shift her activism to something with a more positive bent or else burn out completely.

Her solution was O’actually which, in addition to the Pleasure Pledge, is also currently calling for work from artists — be they filmmakers, photographers, or writers — who are focusing on women’s pleasure. The contest, like the Pleasure Pledge, is running until the end of this month and will culminate in an awards ceremony and cash prizes for the winners. If you’re interested in taking part, you can find more info here.

So what do you think? Are you ready to take the Pleasure Pledge and commit to an orgasm a day for a month? While the Pledge technically started on June 1, Maloney assured me that it’s not too late to join the movement. If you’re down with personal pleasure, head over to the O’actually site and get started!

Images: Mateus Lunardi Dutra/Flickr; Giphy (2)