Who Did It Happen To: Lorelai Or Sarah?

One actress. Two beloved shows. Two memorable characters. Just who am I referring to? None other than Lauren Graham who starred as Lorelai Gilmore and Sarah Braverman from Gilmore Girls and Parenthood, respectively. Graham portrayed two very different characters, but they had several similar qualities, including the fact that Lorelai and Sarah were both single mothers. Another thing they have in common is that they will forever be remembered by fans and that they both got themselves into some crazy, interesting, dramatic, and romantic situations.

With that said, it's time dedicated Gilmore Girls, Parenthood, and Lauren Graham fans have some fun by playing a game of "Who did it happen to: Lorelai Gilmore or Sarah Braverman?" Here's how it works: guess which event happened to what character based on a brief and vague description. Warning: this was made for the most avid fans of both TV shows, both characters, and, of course, the actress herself. Basically, if you've dedicated yourself to everything Lauren Graham, you'll ace this quiz.

So, here we go. Good luck to those of you taking time out of your day (aka slacking at work to focus on much more important things) to answer these 12 trivia questions about two of the greatest shows to ever grace the small screen. Scroll down to the bottom for the answers.

1. Wrote A Play & Almost Became A Playwright

Hint: she wrote a play, almost became a playwright, and kind of had a spark with Steven Weber.

2. Dated Her Daughter's English Teacher, Who Her Daughter Also Liked

Hint: This might be a trick question.

3. Ice Skated On A Homemade Ice Rink Made By Her Boyfriend

Hint: This super romantic moment took place in the front yard.

4. Became A Successful Photographer, Alongside Her Photographer Husband

Hint: She had a lot of jobs before becoming a photographer.

5. Fought With Her Daughter About Taking A Break From College

Hint: This was a miserable time for these two characters, but maybe not so much for two other elderly characters.

6. Went To Friday Night Dinners At Her Parents

Hint: Every Friday night included a family dinner filled with a lot of tension.

7. Danced Like She Had "The Fever" With Her Family

Hint: dance moves included "The Fever."

8. Opened An Inn With Her Best Friend

Hint: there were two inns, but only one belonged to these besties.

9. Was A Super At An Apartment Building

Hint: She was the superintendent of her building and even dated one of its residents.

10. Married A Musician Played By Sex and the City's Aidan

Hint: John Corbett's character was named Seth.

11. Traveled To Paris With Her High School Flame & Married Him

Hint: Their marriage upset their daughter — a lot.

12. Sang "I Will Always Love You" To Her One True Love

Hint: This song was originally meant for her daughter.

Wow. Both Sarah and Lorelai led interesting and exciting lives, didn't they? Who wants to build me an ice skating rink and sing "I Will Always Love You" to me? Now, scroll down to see how you did!






1. Sarah; 2. Sarah; 3. Lorelai; 4. Sarah; 5. Lorelai; 6. Lorelai; 7. Sarah; 8. Lorelai; 9. Sarah; 10. Sarah; 11. Lorelai; 12. Lorelai

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