How To Steal Beyonce's One Piece Swimsuit Look Because It's The Perfect Mix Of Cute Meets Sexy

Today, Queen Bey basically broke the internet, yet again. The gorgeous singer posted a photo to her mega popular Instagram account that featured her lounging gracefully on a lawn while rocking a stunning monokini that looked totally killer on her. And it made me wonder how to get Beyonce's one piece swimsuit look, stat, because it's exactly what I want to look like this summer.

The singer is no stranger to rocking amazing looks on her social media accounts, but she's also encountered more than her fair share of controversy. Bey has undergone criticism in a debate on whether or not she and other celebrities have been photoshopping their Instagram photos before posting them. While I'd never accuse Beyonce of needing to doctor her flawless body, others have definitely called out the singer.

However, outside of the mini scandal, Bey isn't a stranger to making summer fashion headlines. Last year, she posted photos of herself rocking not one but two perfect swimsuits. The first image showcased the singer golfing in the Dominican Republic in a retro two piece with a red and white striped bottom and solid red top. The second was equally as fun with Bey somersaulting— into our hearts— in a bright teal floral top and white patterned bottom proving that your swimsuits don't have to be super matchy matchy.

Bey's bathing suit moment today though all but took a page from Kim Kardashian's book and broke the internet. Many of the comments on the image— once you wade through the well deserved compliments— are inquiries as to where to buy Beyonce's black one piece. While I'm not sure exactly where Bey's swimwear came from, I've got a list of suits that can give you a sneak peek at what it's like to be in Bey's closet.

1. BillaBong 'Sol Searcher' Cut Out One Piece

While this suit doesn't feature the pattern of Bey's stunner, it does have very similar ab bearing cut outs on the side and a dark hue.

Nordstrom, $75

2. Forever 21 Crisscross Back Monokini

This gorgeous teal suit offers the same daring, plunging neckline as Bey's.

Forever 21, $23

3. Mara Hoffman Lattice Maillot

If the pattern on Bey's suit was more your thing, then this suit let's you take it up a notch while keeping the sexy cut outs.

Mara Hoffman, $253

4. Victoria's Secret Beach Sexy Flounce One Piece

This stunning one piece may not be patterned, but you'll be able to rock both the plunging neck and chic side cut outs of Bey's suit at the same time.

Victoria's Secret, $39

Images: Beyonce/Instagram; Swimsuit images courtesy of brands