Two Cats Reenact 'The Lion King' Fight Scene, And Everything Is Not So Hakuna Matata — VIDEO

The Lion King is a thing that, in my opinion, will always be appropriate. It's timeless and a movie for literally all ages—which is why when you see my Spotify activity looping on "I Just Can't Wait To Be King" it doesn't necessarily mean I'm hanging out with one of my young nieces or nephews. This is also why (presumably) adults filmed kittens reenacting The Lion King 's final scene. Because The Lion King is forever relevant.

OK, I know I said literally all ages, but I'd like to now revise that to literally all ages over five or six—unless we're talking about specifically nervous children, in which case it should be literally all ages over eight or nine. The Lion King is kinda scary, y'all. There's really intense drama and honestly, the whole scene with the hyenas singing dark songs in the green foggy caves with Scar and the frequent lavaspouts (kinda like water spouts, but much more burny and therefore, threatening) still cameos in my nightmares. It is not weird for small children to find this film—at least parts of it—frightening. Anyway, the kittens help defang one of the scarier scenes by reenacting the fight scene between the hero, Simba, and his Uncle Scar. Maybe this video could be good training for the movie in full. I mean...


Far more convincing than my attempts on the elementary school playground, at least. To be fair, they're both cats. Which gives them quite the edge.

Pasdidée on YouTube

This is some advanced acting. Remember, this is a dramatic scene regarding the classic concept of trying to murder your uncle to save the kingdom. Watch this piss-poor job two dogs do attempting:

KJ on YouTube

Two humans do a slightly better treatment to another iconic scene from the film:

Best of the Vine on YouTube

Nice work, kittens. May your acting horizon be bright (or at least the parts the light touches).

Images: Getty Images; YouTube