Hot Dog Pizza Is Officially Happening

So, hey, remember a few days ago when we started hearing rumors that Pizza Hut's hot dog-stuffed pizza might be making its way to the U.S.? The rumors are true! The Pizza Hut Hot Dog Bites pizza will soon be available at Pizza Hut locations nationwide — for better or for worse. Whether it's genius, madness, or a little of both still remains to be seen.

But although we've been bracing ourselves for a hot dog-adorned pizza from Pizza Hut this week, it's actually turned out to be a little different than we thought it was going to be. Whereas the hot dog stuffed crust pizza that's been available over seas for a number of years consists of one giant hot dog running around the circumference of the pizza tucked inside a sort of doughy prison, the Hot Dog Bites pizza is more akin to that wacky meat pie pizza the chain recently debuted in Australia: Placed around the edges are 28 mini-hot dogs, each lovingly wrapped in pizza dough to turn them into a slightly chewier version of a pig in a blanket. From what I can see from the promo image, you can get it with pretzel dough as well as regular pizza dough — just, y'know, in case you have the strong desire to eat three different foods in one magnificent (or monstrous, depending on your point of view) creation.

The Hot Dog Bites pizza will be available for somewhere in the neighborhood of $11.99 starting on June 18, so you've got a week to finish girding your loins before it descends upon us in all its meaty weirdness. I suspect that there's a wide variety of reactions people might be having to this news, so I've gone ahead and documented a number of them. How do you feel about it?

1. Suspicion

2. Approval

3. Ambivalence

4. Fear

5. Skepticism

6. Excitement

7. Denial

8. Despair

9. Wild, Unbridled Joy

Images: Pizza Hut/Facebook; Giphy (9)