How Can I Spice Up My Relationship? 7 Sex Secrets Of Of Long-Term Couples, Revealed

It's a fairly worn cliche that the frequency of sex in long-term relationships changes. Or that the sex becomes less hot, or less exciting, or shorter, or more mechanical. But that's not true for all couples. Some manage to preserve the hotness of the first few months, and carry that into their entire relationship. Just because you have spent hours together in bed doesn't mean that the good times have to stop rolling, it seems.

Rather than a Sisyphean task, it turns out that some couples who have been together — and have been sleeping together — for a long time have found ways to stay green between the sheets. Of course, no one thing is the magic trick: What works for one couple would probably turn off another couple completely. It is safe to say, though, that the thing all of these people have in common is a commitment to maintaining an amazing sex life, no matter how long they've been together. Whether you're in a long-term relationship and want to compare notes or you're just curious how people who have been together forever keep it tight in the bedroom, here are seven women weighing in on their sex secrets.

1. They act like strangers

2. They take turns asking for what they want in bed

3. They have a ... rousing game night

4. They just can't keep their hands off each other

5. They play with bondage

6. They set aside sex time

7. They like risky situations

"We have sex in public places. In bar bathrooms, on hiking trails, even on a train one time! We try to do this kind of thing at least once or twice a month, and this makes the rest of our time together really fun. We talk about it and fantasize and plan our next adventure. We've been together seven years and there have been times we've been a little less gung-ho about it, but we are really into making sure things work out together." — Molly*, 27

*Names have been changed

Images: Tamara Álvarez/Flickr; WiffleGif (7)