Can You Shop Aria's Dress From Latest 'PLL' Ep?

We’re only two episodes deep into season six of Pretty Little Liars and already the liars have stolen my fashionable heart, specifically Aria Montgomery. Free of the doll house, we see the girls dealing with their inevitable trauma; Emily heading straight for the gun range, Hannah tearing apart her room, Spencer desperately trying to catch some Zs and, perhaps most importantly, Aria's geometric printed dress and jean jacket, which are the cutest. If you’re going to accuse someone of being “A“ for the past six seasons and kidnapping yourself and friends, might as well look good doing it, am I right?

It was one of those had-to-have-it moments I experience basically every Tuesday somewhere between 8PM and 9PM. Aria and her mother rose from their seats to leave the police station after her "It's Andrew" testimony, and what I had assumed to be a top proved to actually be one of the cutest dresses I’ve seen on the show. She was even more on-trend pairing the bodycon beauty with a cropped denim jacket. I was on a clothing high; I needed that dress.

Naturally, I stalked every Pretty Little Liars fashion blog I could to find that piece of fashionable perfection.

By the time I came across the Pretty Little Liars Closet blog on Tumblr, the dress, which not surprisingly is a Topshop creation, had been sold out. "Sold out" two words no girl ever wants to hear describing their desired ensemble, whether at the store or in bold text online. My heart completely sunk. But when it comes to fashion finds, I refuse to give up without a fight.

Unfortunately, I am unable to provide you with an exact replica of Aria's "Egyptian Graffiti Midi Tank" dress. However, I can offer you a few alternative pieces that may tickle your fancy.

Browse through my top 6 dresses that are sure to channel your inner Aria Montgomery.

1. Veronica Beard

Veronica Beard Aztec Print Dress, $346, Far Fetch

2. MissGuided

MissGuided Strappy Skater Dress Aztec, $24, Missguided

3. Topshop

Aztec Pinafore Dress, $68, Top Shop

4. Miss Selfridge

Miss Selfridge Aztec Mini Dress, $34, House of Fraser

5. Topshop

Aztec Jacquard Shift Dress, $135, Top Shop

6. Windsor

Black Aztec Print Midi Dress, $12, Windsor Store

Images: Courtesy Brands