Gigi Hadid Posts Adorable Baby Photo To Insta

Returning home to the Big Apple, Gigi Hadid posted a baby photo that will have you seriously contemplating a designated nap time request at your next office meeting. I can almost hear the “oh my god awww” reactions now as the supermodel’s Instagram followers were introduced to a particularly sleepy toddler who decided coloring in the lines was just too much for her, opting to take a snooze mid activity. The photo caption reads “just landed back in NYC…current mood Zz.”

Hadid does not specify whether or not the adorable toddler photographed is actually her, but it very well could be.

The California native has been making her way across the globe in strides lately. The supermodel barely gave herself time to breathe before taking off in the direction of Toronto after the 2015 CFDA awards to celebrate 100 Years of Maybelline. She then made her way to Canada to support Formula One racing driver Lewis Hamilton at the Canada Grand Prix in Montreal before flying out to São Paulo Brazil for the opening of the Rosa Cha flagship. Talk about jet lag.

Assuming the tiny tot photographed is a munchkin sized Hadid, I'm encouraging her to catch some Zz, maybe even unwind with a few crayons and coloring books.