The Dark Truth Behind Your Selfies

GUYS, let's take a selfie. How often do those words come out of your mouth? More often than you might think, if this Funny Or Die "Let's Take A Selfie" sketch of girls trying to take a selfie is any indication. I feel like we've reached a new trend, where we still use the #LemmeTakeASelfie jargon, but are now masking it with an UGH OMG THAT WAS SO LAME, to somehow counteract the basicness of the initial selfie ritual. Personally, I'm all for selfie honesty. If you're a selfie taker, that's fine. I dabble. And what I would much prefer to see everyone own up to the fact that they take selfies, like to look good, post them, and rake in the likes. Live your selfie taking truth.

Funny or Die is, per usual, living their truth in the most brutally honest way. This latest video features Lauryn and D'Arcy perfectly describing your relationship with, like, that one friend who helped fuse your friend group with their friend group to form the perfect posse. On a pleasant, relaxed evening, with an aesthetically pleasing bowl of fresh popcorn, they have the realization that we've all had at least two dozen times:

"We don't have ANY pictures together. Like, just the two of us."

And so begins the selfie frenzy.

Here are 10 steps you go through while taking your average movie night selfie:

1. Realization of the moment

"I think our friends would be excited to know we're hanging out."

2. Mutual/self admiration

Two girls in a friend group getting together is a crucial opportunity to discuss the fact that you two are so clearly the best.

"Don't you feel like we're the glue?"

"We're the glue that holds our friends together."

3. Pic shortage

"We don't have any pics of just the two of us."

4. Food placement

"Popcorn IN, just like angled down a little."

5. Take 1, Take 2, Take 3

"Maybe you're feeding me?"

"Oh yeah that's cute."

6. Advice from Mario Lopez

And Ryan Seacrest.

7. Self loathing

It gets dark. Fast.

8. Bursting

As defined by Urban Dictionary as, "a state of extreme happiness." (The word they're missing is "fabricated".)

9. More sad realizations

"How many photos did we take?"

"One hundred and twenty three. Not including bursts."

10. End of friendship

Things escalate. Sh*t happens. Sometimes you go to bed at 7:15.

Watch the full video. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll crave popcorn.

Images: Funny Or Die(11)