When Does 'Bones' Season 11 Premiere? Things Might Look Different At The Jeffersonian When It Returns

It feels like just yesterday that Bones fans were blindsided by Sweets' death on the Season 10 premiere. But life moved on — barely — and Season 10 is complete. It was a rocky season with the previously mentioned death, Booth's gambling-relapse, and the separation between Brennan and Booth, so wondering if, or when, a Season 11 of Bones would premiere wasn't that obscure of a thought. Could the team at the Jeffersonian get past all of the things that occurred during Season 10 for another season? [UPDATE: Deadline reports Bones will return Oct. 1.]

Worry not, because the team is not only returning for a Season 11 of Bones, but according to a TV Guide interview with the executive producer, Stephen Nathan, Booth and Brennan will be "stronger than ever" in Season 11, which is a huge sigh of relief for those of us — me — who invest too much of their emotions into fictional characters' relationships. So when can we expect an eleventh season to begin on FOX? The network has not released a premiere date for the season, although past seasons' premiere dates give a pretty good indication of when the next season could begin. Almost every season has begun in the mid-to late September fall premiere week, and the same could be assumed for Season 11.

So what can we expect from Season 11? According to the same TV Guide interview, Season 10 is going to end on what feels like a series finale note. Why? Probably because the show wasn't sure if they were going to get another season, so they needed to give fans a finale that felt satisfying if things didn't work out. But what does that mean for Season 11? Well, first of all, Brennan and Booth might not be returning to the Jeffersonian. In a preview for the Season 10 finale, the couple seems to make the decision that they're in need of a change, and their crime fighting jobs might just be the first thing to change.

Also, Hodgins and Angela are supposedly on their way to Paris after the season finale episode, which is titled "The End in the End," (which doesn't exactly give me a lot of hope for Season 11). According to reports — SPOILERS — the actors who portray Angela, Hodgins, and Cam have all signed on for an eleventh season, so even if the team does split up, it won't be the last we see of our favorite lab analysts.

So while things may look different in Season 11, it might not be for the worse. Different for Booth and Brennan is probably a good thing, after Season 10. As for Hodgins and Angela, they'll make their way back to the team. They always do.

Images: Patrick McElhenney/FOX (2)