La Perla Offers $3,000 Bra Made Of Goose Feathers That's So Pretty You'll Wish You Could Afford It

When it comes to bras, I like to buy good quality, but at a reasonable price — hence why I typically wait for sales to splurge on the latest lingerie. But for some (oh-so-lucky) few, it seems like dropping way over an average month's rent on one bra is no big deal, at least that's what Italian brand La Perla's over $3,000 bra implies. That's right — one bra, four figures.

The Wall Street Journal states that the bra is part of the brand's haute couture line, and is a handmade number with goose feather detailing. Though La Perla does have a more reasonable line of lingerie, where some bras go for a couple hundred dollars, if you truly want the luxury treatment, the brand offers special VIP salons within their stores (I'm assuming that's where they hide the super pricey stuff).

According to the report, this is nothing like the now-infamous Fantasy Bra — also known as Victoria's Secret's Million-Dollar Bra. Each year, a model walks down the Victoria's Secret fashion show wearing the jewel-studded bra, which is meant primarily as a flashy statement piece. In fact, the bejeweled (and probably really heavy) undergarment is never put in stores.

The La Perla pieces, however, are not just a fantasy. These bras are totally made with the intention of someone buying them. Crazy, right? Though the $3,000 number isn't available online, La Perla offers a different option that comes to only $1,458. Let's face it, the neoprene bra is gorgeous, but if you're like me, you'll only dream of owning something that top-shelf. Let's admire it anyway:

Neoprene Desire Long-Line Bra, $1,458, La Perla

Sigh. The next time you're walking down the street, just remember someone might be wearing a bra that costs more than what's in your checking account.

Image: La Perla