Can You Take The 'Orange Is The New Black' Personality Quiz? This Test Proved To Be Just As Unique As The Inmates

We always knew our favorite Litchfield ladies had big and diverse personalities, but Orange Is the New Black Season 3 decided to prove this point further by having the inmates put their money where their mouth is, so to speak. When the prison falls under new management in the private sector, a secret, high-paying job opportunity sends hopes into overdrive with everyone wanting to get in on a piece of the action. But before the inmates could do that, OITNB introduced a personality test that each of the characters had to take in order to qualify for the coveted position. So, naturally, chaos ensued.

Personality tests in general tend to ask some pretty strange questions, which is meant to assess how your mind works from a more psychological standpoint (while at the same time also drive you crazy). Of course, it turned out that the test was pretty much a moot point, considering the higher-ups simply chose people at random, but I still found the whole process fascinating, especially in regards to how certain inmates handled (or didn't handle) the pressure. And while this specific personality quiz doesn't seem to actually exist (odds are they're questions pulled from multiple test samples), I've compiled a few of the questions that the characters said out loud, along with predictions about what some of the inmates answers would be. On your mark… get set… begin!

1. True or False: Ideas Are More Important Than Real Things

Someone Who Would've Circled True: Morello

This girl has never been a big fan of reality. Fiction and creativity are her bread and butter. Odds are her test results reflect as much.

Someone Who Would've Circled False: Alex

Alex has always had a "less talking, more doing" approach to life, in more ways than one. And we love her for it.

2. I Can Feel Overcome With Wonder In Nature

Someone Who Would've Circled True: Pennsatucky

You've got to admire her passion, though.

Someone Who Would've Circled False: Red

It takes a lot to impress this Mother Hen.

3. I Spend Most Of My Time Trying To Understand Things

Someone Who Would've Circled True: Suzanne

I love her to death, but you know it's true.

Someone Who Would've Circled False: Poussey

Thanks to all the library books she's read, Poussey has proven to be a fountain of information and intellect. Plus, she understood that Vee was bad news before anyone else did. Basically, this girl knows what's up.

4. I Believe People Are Basically Moral

Someone Who Would've Circled True: Piper

Prison might have toughened her up a bit, but deep down I believe that Piper still wants to believe the best in people no matter what they've done.

Someone Who Would've Circled False: Sophia

She knows firsthand how cruel and unfair the world can be, but she's always faced it head on (and looked fabulous while doing it).

5. You Keep In The Background

Someone Who Would've Circled True: Norma

I mean, this one's kind of a no brainer, right?

Someone Who Would've Circled False: Taystee

Taystee loves being the center of attention. You can't keep the spotlight off of her no matter how hard you try.

Test Results: This cast of characters make for one hell of a show.

Images: JoJo Whilden/Netflix; Giphy (10)