6 Rappers Drake Should Work With On 'Views From The 6,' Because These Collaborations Would Be Legendary

If you were convinced that you've already thought of all the questions there are to ask about Drake's Views From the 6 , good and bad news: You might not have! I'm here for you with one more query about the rapper's highly-anticipated upcoming album: Which new rappers should Drake collaborate with on Views?

Now, the keyword here is new, because everyone knows Drake spreads some major love when it comes to including rap artists like Lil' Wayne, Nicki Minaj, J. Cole, and Jay Z on on his tracks. He even recently added a verse to "My Way" by rapper Fetty Wap! At first glance, it can almost seem like the guy's worked with everyone in the biz. However, this of course isn't the case — there are a ton of rappers Drake hasn't yet collaborated with, which is a huge shame because I'm pretty much 100% these collaborations would be legendary. Each of these artists are talented in their own way, just like Drake — put those talents together, and the world will either explode from the sheer amazingness of the track... or it'll just be a really great song. Either way, worth it.

So, since we're all still left impatiently waiting for Views From the 6 to finally be released, why not take a look at a few of those rappers? Here's a list of rappers Drake hasn't yet collaborated with, but totally should for Views From the 6:


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Drake and Nas have performed together and were both featured on Nicki Minaj's song "Champion." They clearly perform well together — so, would a Views From the 6 collaboration be too much to ask?

Angel Haze

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Haze freestyled over Drake's "Worst Behavior" and, in an interview with Tim Westwood, she confessed to tweeting about her exes using Drake lyrics. This is reason enough for him to feature her on Views From the 6.


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Drake collaborated with Andre 3000 on his Take Care track "The Real Her" — plus the Atlanta duo headlined his OVO Fest in 2014. However, I happen to prefer Outkast the group over Andre 3000 and Big Boi as separate acts, so I'm holding out hope (in my dreams) that all three of them will record a song together.


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Considering Ludacris and Drake recently ended a lengthy feud, the only thing left is for them to collaborate so we all know the truce is real.

Missy Elliott

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Honestly, who wouldn't want to collaborate with Missy? She and Drake both have the ability to rap and sing well — that fact alone would make this one of the most amazing collaborations ever.

Talib Kweli

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Kweli and Drake may be on opposite ends of the rapping spectrum, but this should still happen. In 2013, Kweli referred to the Toronto native as the year's "most important emcee." He even freestyled over Drake's "5 AM in Toronto." The veteran rapper adding his gritty, conscious style to a Drake song would make Views From the 6 that much better.

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