Jessica Lowndes' 'A Deadly Adoption' Character Will Really Speak To Fans Of Her '90210' Character, Adrianna

I'll admit it: I'm a little addicted to Lifetime movies. What can I say? I just love the insane levels of drama. So, imagine my excitement when I heard that Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig were making a Lifetime movie of their very own, complete with the perfect title: A Deadly Adoption. (Hint: I was very very excited.) Ferrell and Wiig's tongue-in-cheek thriller seems to be exactly the kind of movie that's perfect to celebrate 25 years of Lifetime Original Movies with. It's not just because of the SNL alums' involvement that I'm stoked to see in the flick, either: 90210 star Jessica Lowndes also stars in A Deadly Adoption as the pregnant woman, from whom Ferrell and Wiig's characters are attempting to adopt a baby from.

Anyone who watched even one episode of 90210 during its run on The CW will remember Lowndes as Adrianna in the teen soap, and, as a diehard fan of the show, it's pretty exciting to see her in a new role outside of the show. However, now that the trailer for A Deadly Adoption has been released, I'm left with a pretty important question about her character: How similar is Lowndes' A Deadly Adoption character to Adrianna?

During 90210's run, Adrianna was easily one of my favorite characters to see on the series — mainly because the girl was kind of a mess. Considering my undying devotion to the series, I couldn't help but notice some similarities between Adrianna and Lowndes' A Deadly Adoption character: Specifically, the point in the series when Adrianna became an aspiring singer/total diva who used the baby she gave up for adoption as fodder for a reality show. Similarly, in A Deadly Adoption, Lowndes' character also has a bit of a breakdown after giving up a baby.

I'm a big fan of Lowndes in general (she's got some killer pipes, even when she's not singing Javier's songs-from-beyond-the-grave) and I have to say — seeing this trailer really makes me miss Adrianna's antics a lot. Adrianna may have turned over a "new-new" leaf by the end of 90210, but before she did that, she was pretty much a walking Lifetime movie character. Here are the crazy things that Adrianna did that would warrant a Lifetime movie all by itself:

When She Steals To Buy Drugs

Ade had a problem, but it doesn't change the fact that she behaved like a total sociopath in the first half of Season 1. She took Naomi's purse, robbed her of her cash, and then lied and said that both of their bags were stolen while out at a club. (This is her most forgivable offense, BTW, so that tells you a lot.)

When She Ruined Annie's Relationship

She told Annie that her pseudo-boyfriend Ty had invited them both to have sex with him in his hotel room. Turns out, though, that was a lie Ade told to get back at Annie for taking over her role in Spring Awakening when she was too high and fried to perform.

When She Steals Javier's Music After His Car Accident

Javier had literally just died, and still, Ade took his music for her new album.

When She Tries To Ruin Silver's Life

Swapping sunscreen for body lotion is one thing, but swapping someone's medication for aspirin is quite another.

When She Kidnaps Her Biological Daughter

She just wanted to take her to the park, but still — huge no-no.

Here's the A Deadly Adoption trailer, if you haven't caught up on it just yet:

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