Jennifer Lawrence's Junk Food Obsession Is So Real

by Michelle McGahan

Next to her Academy Award-winning performances, randomly chart-topping singles (J. Law's version of "The Hanging Tree" debuted at the No. 12 spot on the Billboard Hot 100), and GIFs that are applicable to every situation of life, one of the best things about Jennifer Lawrence is her unyielding junk food obsession. She name-drops food in every interview like its an A-list star (it is), straight-up ORDERS MCDONALD'S ON THE RED CARPET, and one time she literally admitted that it is her greatest motivation as an actress because nom. ("That's my inspiration in the scene," she joked in one interview, "'If I get this done, I can go have lunch.'").

When it comes to those gloriously gluttonous snacks, Jennifer Lawrence — much like a bleary-eyed college kid on 4/20 or any human being who has ever come in contact with salted caramel anything — has absolutely no chill. Of course, her insatiable appetite (think Homer Simpson in one of his "mmm" moments) is just part of that undeniable J. Law charm.

From piping hot pizza dripping with cheese to two Mentos probably covered in lint that she happened to find in her pocket, J. Law's junk food obsession is all of our junk food obsession. Behold:

1. That Time Pizza Was Her Actual Lord and Savior

This is fact. *pizza emoji*

2. That Time That She Totally Imagined a Red Carpet Reporter As A Giant Basket of Fries

She's gotta stay ~fry~ all the time to keep you off her mind.

3. ...So Much So That She Interrupted Him To Order Some


4. That Time She Ate An Entire Candy Bracelet During an Interview

Classic J. Law.

5. That Time She Casually Unearthed Two Mentos From Her Ensemble

Jennifer Lawrence is everyone's grandma.

6. And That Other Time With Mints, As In, When She Spilled Them At a Hunger Games Press Conference

HER REACTION IS EVERYTHING. Also, Liam Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson cannot control their laughter and it is perfection.

7. That Time She Was Disappointed With Kendall & Kylie Jenner For Not Feeding Her

Noms > Words. Every time.

8. That Time She Revealed Her Pre Awards-Show Pregame

Otherwise known as Sunday.

9. That Time She Nommed On Some Pizza During The Oscars

I mean, what else are you supposed to do when Ellen DeGeneres orders it for the entire audience?

10. That Time ~CAKE BALLS~ Happened

11. And Lastly, When She Bugged The Eff Out Because Pizza

Amen. Never change, J. Law.

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