Are Aubrey O'Day & Travis Garland Still Together? The 'Marriage Boot Camp' Stars Share The Answer On Instagram

I have a fondness for Aubrey O'Day and her wonderful reality TV appearances (winning Making the Band with Danity Kane, her stint as the toughest guest judge in RuPaul's Drag Race herstery), so I was wondering if she would be able to repair her relationship with fiance Travis Garland on Marriage Boot Camp. But unfortunately, it looks like Aubrey O'Day and Travis Garland are broken up. Yes, after a season of conflict, they've decided to call it quits. And the announcement came on Aubrey's Instagram. She posted a bathing suit selfie with the caption "single now." Well, that certainly seems pretty clear.

Even though it looks like they've split, this couple is still doing their best — and maybe even better — individually. Both have remained busy with their music careers and the support of their fans, and both actually look great, so no post breakup drama for either Aubrey or Travis. Obviously Aubrey looks great in her Instagram message and Travis has posted enough workout selfies to prove that he's not lounging around on the couch, either.

Anyhow, enough about the breakup itself — these two have moved on, so let's check out what they're up to know, instead of dwelling on their past.

Here Was Aubrey's Single Announcement

Sums it up nicely.

Aubrey's New Album Is Almost Out

Aubrey and Shannon Bex, another former Danity Kane member, formed a new group called "Dumblonde," and their first album seems to be right on the horizon. In an interview on the iHeartRadio Music Awards, Shannon and Aubrey claimed that their project was due in April, but they're still dropping hints... and promised that the release would be a surprise, so keep an eye out.

And Travis Is Performing As Well

He'll be performing a show in the Bay Area Sunday Jun 13. And he says there's a chance for new music at the show, so that must mean that another solo album is in the works.

They're Both Posting Inspirational Messages

Sounds like both of them are ready to work on themselves a little, given they're posting Tweets like Travis' above or Aubrey's Tweet: "There is a difference between understanding something and applying it. Actions speak louder than words." Both sound like they learned a lot about relationships. Maybe from Marriage Boot Camp, perhaps?

It's Summer, The Best Time To Be Single

It's so hot and bright outside during the summer months that it's the worst time to be around a significant other you don't get along with. It's far better to buy like 2,000 bikinis and sit outside by your pool every day (if you are a music/reality star like Aubrey O'Day, that is).

Aubrey Is Surrounded By Amazing People 24/7

She proudly posted pics from her god daughter's fifth grade graduation, balloons in hand — clearly Aubrey isn't lacking in people to hang out with even if she's no longer engaged.

They Might Even Still Be On Good Terms

And on Travis' Instagram, it looks like he went out to brunch with Aubrey just two weeks ago. They may have broken up since then, but if they're already brunching together, than maybe Marriage Boot Camp did help these guys

Images: Kelsey McNeal/WE tv (2)