Which Avenger Would Be Ant-Man's BFF?

In just five weeks, the newest Marvel movie will be storming theaters, and the studio is gearing up for the big premiere by releasing three new Ant-Man posters that make sure the hero's Avengers' connection cannot be missed. Each poster features Ant-Man, A.K.A. Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) perched on the shoulder of a different Avenger, and they're sure to please fans of both the studio's biggest franchise and their newest endeavor.

The poster imagery isn't used just to make sure everyone knows Ant-Man is a Marvel property, though; it's also a reminder that the character will be joining the team just in time for Ant-Man to star in Captain America: Civil War . Before long Scott will be hanging out with Tony, Steve, Thor, and the rest of the team on the regular, and their company will certainly come in handy. Since Ant-Man's powers hinge on him becoming super tiny, he's probably going to need a little help in the field to keep himself from getting crushed. With that in mind, which Avenger would the miniature hero actually become BFFs with?

It all depends on personality. From what Marvel has shown us of Scott so far, he's a funny, silly guy, with a great — and very self-aware — way of posing questions the audience would ask while watching his film. For instance, in a new Ant-Man trailer he says, "First of all, I think we should call the Avengers." How appropriate? This witty guy needs no shield, no armor, and no hammer, but he does need a pal. Let's take a look at the posters and decide who Scott should hang out with once the war breaks out.

6. Iron Man

Scott and Tony are both jokesters. Their irreverent senses of humor make them a good match. However, Scott is a con man and Tony is a billionaire, (reformed) playboy, and philanthropist. Their vastly different backgrounds might make them clash more than they click, and they could experience funny guy envy as they try to one-up each other in the one-liners department.

5. The Hulk

Scott would drive Bruce nuts, and when Bruce gets angry, Hulk smashes. Since Scott's superpower is smallness, he should probably avoid an enraged Hulk at all costs unless he wants Hulk to smash ant.

4. Captain America

Steve is an upstanding, sweet guy who tries hard to get along with everyone. He already has two best friends, though (Bucky and Falcon), and he is the newly minted leader of the Avengers, so he probably does not have time to mentor Scott. That's not a huge loss for Scott, however. I'm sure he would admire Steve, but I fear he would get bored with Steve pretty quickly if they spent too much time conversing.

3. Black Widow

Nope. Natasha would spray Scott with bug spray and have no regrets. She does not have the patience for his goofiness.

2. Hawkeye

Scott and Clint could make a good team in the field. How cool would it be to see Hawkeye shoot an arrow with Ant-Man on the end of it? I just don't see their personalities meshing in a BFF kind of way.

1. Thor

And we have a winner, ladies and gentlemen! Just look how at home Scott seems hanging out on Mjölnir. No matter how much time Thor spends on Earth, he never seems to get the hang of Earth's customs, leading to unintentional hilarity. Scott would find Thor endlessly amusing, and let's face it, Thor totally has a frat boy (frat god?) side. He and Scott would spend lots of time corrupting each other and it would be amazing. I'm calling it now: Thor and Ant-Man will be bros for life.

Images: Marvel (4); Giphy (3)