Let's Illustrate an MIT Study with '30 Rock' GIFs

Last weekend, the New York Times published the findings of an MIT study on the relationship between motion and bargaining. The research team found that "a person who negotiates while moving — say, pacing while bargaining over job terms on a cellphone — can see improved results."

In the study's first experiment, some participants walked "briskly" on a treadmill while other participants walked more slowly. All had to negotiate for a car.

In the second experiment, participants had to negotiate for a job on a cell phone. Some negotiated while sitting still; others talked while pacing.

Of course, the 'tude and confidence of each participant impacted his or her results. Some went into the experiment confidently.

The confident negotiators performed better while walking...

...while those who dreaded negotiating performed much worse during exertion.

So, above all, confidence is key. And if you can, get your heart rate up not by worrying...

...but by walking briskly in there like you own the joint.

It'll pay off.