Christian Louboutin's New Egypt-Inspired Nail Polish Will Be Based On Beetles (Yes, The Bugs)

Nail polish is one of those beauty things that you can buy and then keep for like up to two years, making it a real investment. Which is why everyone needs Christian Louboutin's Egyptian-inspired nail polish, taken from colorful beetles. Now I know a lot of you either automatically thought The Beatles, while the rest of you imagined your first apartment, but bear with me.

It's not that Louboutin took it the Sigourney Weaver in Holes route, and made the polish out of the beetles. Instead, he took inspiration from their colors and metallic abilities. Which, when you think about it, would make for really cool polishes. The limited-edition collection, Scarabee, is made up of three colors, all of which looks seriously like bugs. I mean, they're definitely named after a bug. They're super reflective and are almost like three colors in one polish. But, they are $50, each. And if you think about nail polish as an investment, this might be the time you break out the funds. Because, would you rather spend $50 on Louboutin polish, or $700 on Louboutin heels?

Aside from the price tag, I really love that Louboutin is reaching into the beauty industry and creating a whole little market for himself. And the fact that he's creating a line inspired by a place he calls his second home, doesn't hurt. Scarabee will be available June 15, so keep your eyes out.