Gigi Hadid Plays Pictionary With Michael Kors For 'Glamour Games', And It's As Hilariously Entertaining As It Sounds

If you had to guess what a seriously in demand model and incredibly talented designer do before an event, what would it be? Well, my guess wouldn't be play a game typically seen on family game night, but that's exactly what these two did. Michael Kors and Gigi Hadid played Pictionary for the Glamour Games, and it actually taught us a lot about the duo in a hilarious way.

The game begins with Kors and Hadid entering what looks to be a gorgeous, simply designed room. I'm not even going to lie though, the first thing I noticed was that stunning, form fitting dress Hadid was seriously killing it in. Kors, as usually, looked stylish in a black blazer and his signature glasses. The two prepped with a little smack talk before diving in pens and sketchpads first.

Gigi hits the sketchpad first while Michael asks questions, and we learn some pretty interesting things about the 'it girl' and designer through the three rounds they play. When asked what the first thing she looks for in a man is, the stunner responded that a sense of humor is really what she needs, and if you were curious about what her guilty pleasure is, it's definitely a bowl of pasta. As for Kors, the designer calls Jackie Kennedy his style icon and believes that the trench coat is seriously underrated. Plus, he apparently listens to Pharrell's "Happy" on repeat.

Not only do we learn some really funny tidbits about two of fashion's heaviest hitters, but the video of the Hadid and Kors playing PIctionary is just plain entertaining. If we have our wish, we hope to see another installment of the Glamour Games. The question though is who should play next?

Video: Michael Kors/YouTube