When Is Vee In ‘Orange Is The New Black’ Season 3? Her Death Allowed Crazy Eyes To Become Her Own Person

If you've marathoned OITNB already, you're probably slightly disappointed with one thing: [Spoilers ahead.] Vee doesn't come back on Orange is the New Black Season 3. Despite the hints dropped by Lorraine Toussaint herself, Vee doesn't make a miraculous return from the dead only to come right back to Litchfield. But, just because her physical presence wasn't there, doesn't mean she was completely forgotten. Many of the characters on Season 3 dealt with the after-effects of her departure. Nicky was suddenly in the possession of a lot of heroin, Piper was able to become the prison's new organized crime leader, and Taystee mourned the loss of her substitute mother. But, no character was more affected by Vee's death than Suzanne "Crazy Eyes" Warren.

Throughout Season 2, viewers saw Uzo Aduba's character be manipulated by Vee into a person who was fiercely loyal to the point of attacking Poussey simply because Vee said so. Although having Vee return would have been very dramatic, I think Crazy Eyes is better off without her. Now, in Season 3, we really get to see her come into her own without an idol like Piper or Vee to worship. Although she struggled to accept Vee's death in the beginning, eventually she bloomed all on her own. Actress Uzo Aduba spoke with Bustle about this, and where she hopes her character can go now that she's free of a controlling leader.

I think it would be interesting to see what she is able to accomplish, what her mind is able when she ventures to step out on her own. I think that’s a question of trust, does she trust herself enough ... it has to be pointed out, Suzanne has been very much an idol worshiper in these past two seasons ... It’s a problem when those gods don’t turn out to be the gods you think they are. And so this season has been really interesting to watch who she’s chosen to put her faith in instead. And what that results in and who she becomes out of that.

Watching Crazy Eyes write a novel, make up with Poussey, accept Vee's death, and maybe even score herself a girlfriend was very rewarding. She's finally her own woman on the show, and seeing her put her faith in herself instead of in someone who doesn't understand her — or wants to manipulate her — is what this show is all about: Character development and badass women growing and finding themselves despite all that life has thrown at them.

(Reporting by Kelsea Stahler)

Images: Screengrab/Netflix; orangeitnblack/Tumblr