The death toll in the Philippines following Typhoon Haiyan has risen to 3,621 people, according to state news agency PNA. (The UN estimated yesterday that the number dead is actually 4,460.) The number of those injured hovers at 12,165, PNA estimates. As we reported yesterday, regardless of exact figures, the situation is clearly dire:

In one area of Tacloban, there is reported to be a mass grave containing between 300 to 500 bodies. Only about 70 city government workers out of a normal 2,500 showed up for their jobs, the mayor says...Bottom line: Right now, the Philippines needs money. Don’t bother sending anything else — like construction supplies or clothing — because that could have detrimental ramifications for the local economy.

A massive child pornography bust led to hundreds of arrests yesterday, and the rescue of more than 380 children. Experts say they hope that it's just the beginning of several more sweeps to come.

Debate over whether schools should discipline e-cigarette use the same way they discipline regular teen cigarette smoking is ramping up.

53-year-old action star Jean-Claude Van Damme's epic Volvo stunt video is going viral. It's also a commercial.

Oprah was blunt about race in a recent interview with the BBC today.

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Yeah, they were the best. Well, here's what that looks like for kids now.

This story of marriage equality in the South may make you tear up.

And finally, have you heard there's going to be a new show that's like a gay Girls on HBO called Looking? Set in SF?! Excited.