Jennifer Lawrence Is The Taylor Swift Of The Movie Industry, Because They're Basically The Same Person

Whether Jennifer Lawrence is the Taylor Swift of the movie industry or Taylor Swift is the Jennifer Lawrence of music, there are a lot of similarities between the two stars. They are perhaps some of the most universally beloved celebrities of the moment. Plus, Lawrence and Swift are friends, which is very exciting. The pop star has even been the recipient of the Hunger Games star's famed photobombing, an honor if there ever was one. The affection is shared, if this statement Swift made to Lawrence at the 2014 Golden Globes is any indication: "Thanks for your friendship and thanks for making amazing, terrifying faces behind me on camera when I'm trying to do an interview and not mess up! Good luck. I hope you win. I hope you win everything all the time."

On top of all of that, they might soon become neighbors. Lawrence is apparently looking for an apartment in New York City at the moment, which means she'd live closer to the self-appointed pop queen of NYC. I imagine the two exploring the city together, visiting the new Whitney, wearing cute outfits strolling through the High Line, and grabbing gelato. There's a reason Swift and Lawrence are friends, and it's not just because both seem to get along with everyone.

Here's proof that J. Law is basically the T. Swift of the film industry.

1. They Are Both Self-Deprecating

They both project a very anti-diva image. T. Swift's music often emphasizes her feeling awkward and out of place, while J. Law's whole public persona is built around that idea.

2. They've Gone From Niche to Mainstream

Just like Swift started out country and went pop, J. Law started indie and graduated to blockbusters like The Hunger Games and X-Men.

3. They've Dated Older Guys

While T. Swift has gone for older men in real life, J. Law has often dated older guys in movies (and, okay, in real life, too).

4. They've Won All The Awards

For such young stars, they have an impressive number of Grammys, Oscars, and Golden Globes.

5. They've Both Used Their Star Power For Good

Lawrence has donated to many charities, including some associated with The Hunger Games. Swift has similarly become involved in many causes, often helping her fans when they're in need.

6. They Have Lots of Famous Friends

Swift is known for her circle of BFFs, and J. Law seems universally liked in Hollywood.

7. They Are Both Personal Artists

While Swift is unusually autobiographical in her pop music, Lawrence is known for bringing emotional rawness to her roles. All I'm saying is, if Swift wanted to remove her mask and reveal that she's just been J. Law in stilts this entire time, I wouldn't be surprised.

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