You Will Never Fail As Hard As This Wedding Video

I can't really pass judgment on anyone's camera work, seeing as I'm so bad at photography that I can't even take a proper selfie, but I will never not laugh at this aerial wedding footage fail. You know how there are just some things floating around on the internet that are like fine cheese or wine in that they only get better with time? I have a feeling that this video is going to be one of them. Welcome to fail fame, little video. I think you're gonna like it here.

Like all the best fails, this one starts out disguised as something beautiful, like a giant frosted cupcake before you realize it's filled with ketchup. (File under: Horrible ideas for things that should never happen, please God please.) We set our scene on some gorgeous, romantic, Sound Of Music-esque rolling hills. The happy couple preens in their wedded bliss. It is basically the end of a Nicholas Sparks movie, without having to sit through an hour and a half of the protagonists struggling with ridiculous plot lines that could be solved in a five minute conversation if anybody had any damn common sense. Just soak in the inspiration:

The beauty, the glory, the AOGJDFOGA<DFLGMGKNDFLG<DLG<DFGL.

You gotta watch this with the music. It takes 14 seconds of your life that you were probably just going to use bitterly staring at someone's engagement pictures on Facebook anyway.

In celebration of this entering the Fail Hall Of Fame, here are some other internet fragments that only get better with age:

This dog staring at a cupcake

This modified Jurassic Park soundtrack

This little kid falling forever

This dog who can't catch food

What a world we live in. Bless you, internet.

Images: YouTube(3); Imgur