Where To Get Rihanna's Fierce AF Catwoman Tee

by Marc Cuenco

There's no doubt that she's as fierce as the iconic feline supervillain, but when Rihanna wore a Catwoman t-shirt on her date night with soccer player Karim Benzema, she straight up slayed. The singer was photographed on her way to a nightclub in L.A. wearing an oversized black shirt with a close-up graphic of Catwoman sucking on an orange lollipop. Rih paired her t-shirt dress with two-tone Ruperson Sanderson sandals and her new fave accessory, a leather Dominic Louis bunny backpack. Also present was Rihanna's fierce red hair.

Rihanna's Catwoman tee was designed by French illustrator and self-described "eclectic graphical gamer" Greg Guillemin. His pop art designs, mostly of comic book superheroes and animated characters, have been featured on Buzzfeed, GQ, and High Snobiety. After the empress of fashion wore his tee during her casual date with Benzema, Guillemin immediately posted about it on his webpage and Instagram account because, Rihanna. "Look what happened!" he wrote above Rihanna's photo.

The shirt, which is called "Cat Pacifier, The Boyfriend Tee" is currently sold on the Guillemin's site for $56 and comes in sizes XS to XXL. For a less expensive option to Rihanna's date night outfit, you can still channel your inner Selina Kyle with one of the Catwoman tees below.

Whip It Good

Catwoman T-Shirt, $23, Zazzle

Kiss From A Rose

DC Comics Batman Catwoman Kiss Tank, $15, Hot Topic

Retro Catwoman

Catwoman T-Shirt, $23, Amazon

Images: gregguillemin/Instagram; Zazzle; Hot Topic; Amazon; Giphy