Why Is Daya In Jail? The 'Orange Is The New Black' Prisoner Clearly Has A Complicated Past

In the words of the wise philosopher/CIA agent onThe X-Files, Fox Mulder, would say: The truth is out there. And, when it comes to Orange Is the New Black characters like Daya, and why they're in jail, this couldn't be more true. Unless you've been living under a rock all day, you probably know that Season 3 of Orange Is the New Black finally premiered on the streaming site — and so, it's time to start considering everything we know and don't know about the characters and their pasts. Though at this point in the series, most of the characters have already revealed essential tidbits about where they came from and why they landed in jail, a few still haven't — Daya included. So, what's her story? Does Season 3 reveal anything about why she landed at Litchfield?

It's fair to assume that, in keeping with how previous episodes have panned out, each of the primary inmates will probably eventually get the full mind-blowing, heart-wrenching backstory treatment — so some sort of episode that addresses Daya's history is likely on the way. Daya's had a lot going on since episode one, but much of her storyline has been happening in the present, without much insight into her past. Though we have seen a few flashbacks, we don't know much about her former life outside of prison — and I don't know about you, but as a fan who's currently buried so deep in Season 3 I'm pretty sure I've forgotten what year it is and who's president, I am dying to find out.

Instead of biting my nails in anticipation, however, I figured I could be productive with this time. So, until more about her past is revealed, here are seven purely speculative theories about how Daya arrived at Litchfield:

Sticking It To The Man

The shameless misandrist's theory: Maybe Daya finally snapped and decided to take revenge on her mom Aleida's abusive dirtbag boyfriend Cesar and his dirtbag cronies by killing them all. This would be ideal.

Running Away

Caught up in a volatile situation at home, Daya might have tried to strike out on her own — and gotten into some trouble along the way while trying to survive.

Family Trouble

Aleida took the blame for Cesar's involvement with drugs, and her relationship with Daya is tense at best. It wouldn't be a surprise if Aleida implicated Daya in a drug related charge or threw her under the bus some other way.

The Wrong Crowd

Given her chaotic family life, it's possible Daya made an attempt to latch on to a chosen family of her own that didn't have her back the way she might have hoped for.

Desperate Measures

Daya was a teenager responsible for caring for her young siblings while her mom was in jail thanks to her mom's abusive boyfriend — if that doesn't qualify as desperate times, I don't know what does. It's hard to guess what Daya wouldn't do to survive under those circumstances.

Aleida's Aftermath

Aleida might have left behind unfinished business when she took the fall for Cesar, and Daya might have been left to handle the mess Aleida left behind.

For The Children

It's possible Daya ran into trouble with law while trying to make ends meet, and doing what was necessary to support her younger siblings.

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