Jennifer Lawrence Opted For An Easy Breezy Look

In case there weren't already enough reasons to be obsessed with the actress, Jennifer Lawrence wore a loose, sleeveless black dress while out and about in NYC that basically epitomizes the only aesthetic I want to achieve this summer. It's no wonder the world has fallen in love with Lawrence; she's the type of easy, breezy lady with a good sense of humor that immediately makes you want to become her BFF for life. And this outfit somehow makes her even more relatable.

Many interpretations of summer dressing include lots of barely-there, body con pieces or cute-yet-fussy, little frocks. When I think summertime, it is exactly J.Law's look — structured, black to mask my ever-expanding sweat stains, and so loose it barely touches a single part of my body — that I want to epitomize. The difference is when I wear an outfit similar to this one, it tends to look like I've accidentally swaddled myself in a tarp. When Lawrence does it, she looks sleek, mod, and highly intentional.

What's secret to her flawless high-heat look? Pairing loose volume with more structured details, like the button-down front, and keeping accessories super sparse and minimal. Which, now that I see her doing it, seems like the very obvious solution to all of my summer clothing woes.

If,like me, you just realized this is how you've always wanted to dress, I've gathered together sevent equally effortless dresses that will keep you totally cool... literally.

1. White Button Down

Forever 21 High-Slit Shirt Dress, $19.90

2. Daisy Print

D orothy Perkins Da isy Print Denim Sleeveless Shirt Dress, $39

3. Pink Drop Waist

The WhitePepper Sleeveless Button Through Mini Dress In Floral Print, $54

4. Denim Shirtdress

Levi's Sleeveless Western Dress, $78

5. Gauzy Black

River Island Navy Blue Midi Sleeveless Shirt Dress, %80

6. Gingham

Equipment Micahela Gingham Dress, $198

7. Soft Lace

Johnny Was Sleeveless Button-Down Dress, $308

Images: itsperfectjlaw/Instagram