North West Wears Her Daddy's Necklace

Kanye West better watch out because his daughter is taking over the spotlight, and she’s looking good while doing it. North West wore one of Kanye’s chains and apparently said, “No daddy’s it’s me necklace,” according to a Twitter post by Kim Kardashian. So there you have it, folks — North West calls the shots.

The chain looks adorable on her, but of course, it nearly swallows her it’s so big. Style that bling with one of her monochromatic ensembles and some Stan Smiths and you’ve got one majorly stylish toddler ensemble on your hands.

North is already developing expensive taste, so good thing Kim K and Kanye make enough to support her affinity for bling. I guess the apple really doesn’t fall from from the tree, because she seems to have inherited mommy and daddy’s liking for big jewels. If you didn’t believe that North West ruled the world (or at least the Kardashian-West household) already, you certainly will now. Because whoever bosses Yeezy around and gets away with it is the ruler supreme, as far as I’m concerned.

She's already got daddy wrapped around her little jeweled finger, so, clearly North's winning at life.

Check out the adorable pic below.

Bow down!