This High Schooler's Got Some Serious Moves

Gail Oskin/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

I'll get right to it: This video of two high schoolers having a dance off in the cafeteria represents so many of my dreams. You have no idea. It is inspiring me to go back to high school, Never Been Kissed-style, in an attempt to see something like this happen before my very eyes, because I'm convinced this is going to be a thing now, and that slowly, the dancing will give way to singing and dancing, and then it will move from high schools to the world at large, and before you know it, we're going to be a society of 24/7 Broadway musical performance. I mean, who among us hasn't dreamed of living in a musical theater world, where we sing and dance our conversations, relationships, and innermost thoughts? No? LIES. I know how popular High School Musical and Glee are! Whatever, keep lying to yourselves that this isn't also your dream. I'll be over here, faking an identity to enroll in my local high school and live my best life. Y'all will be jealous when I experience a dance off of my very own and you have to watch it on YouTube like a sucker.

It would appear that no one knows the origins of this video, and at first that may seem sad, but I'm sort of okay with this being a single flame of greatness burning alone in the vast blackness of the internet. Normally I feel the need to create back stories for all the characters involved in these little snippets of video, but right now I'm good just knowing this happened and someone was there to record it. It's enough for me to know that, one day, somewhere, a cafeteria full of teenagers was allowed to gather around two young men, and those young men danced like everyone was watching (because everyone was watching), and they nailed it. Brilliantly. And then they ended their exchange by teaching one another their signature moves. Not going to lie: I sort of teared up around then, because friendship, and teamwork, and collaboration!

Check out the full video below, and then join me in silent prayer that this becomes a thing that will segue us into a world where we all sing and dance our way through life...

Image: Getty Images