Yup, Prince George Just Got Even Cuter

When Kate Middleton made her first appearance post-baby at the Queen's birthday parade this morning, it goes without saying that the whole thing was just ridiculously adorable. But the event was an even bigger deal than usual for the family because Prince George made his first appearance on the Buckingham Palace Balcony, and, yes, it was probably the cutest thing ever. Making the moment even more special, his outfit incorporated pieces of both his mom and dad. Not only did the prince's outfit complement what Kate Middleton was wearing, but it was also the exact outfit that his dad wore on the Buckingham Palace balcony when he was around the same age. Long story short: Just kill me now because I’m going to die over how sweet this moment is otherwise.

George’s blue and white ensemble was the perfect accompaniment to that blonde hair of his and those chubby little cheeks (of course, everything goes well with those). The suit appears to be a one-piece, making it easier to get the bouncing toddler of a prince into it, I’d imagine. Which also means that you could get your toddler into it pretty easily, too! So, if you’re looking to match Prince George’s look, I think it’ll be easy to do, thanks to the slew of lookalike outfits on Etsy. Now, it doesn’t have the same precious heirloom quality of the prince’s, but that won’t make it any less special for your tot.

See George's look here:

Chris Jackson/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

And see his dad's same look:

Now, get a similar look for your little one:

Blue Overalls

Overalls, $14.99,

Buttoned In Blue

Blue romper, $36,

Seer Sucker Set

Sear sucker outfit, $52,

Baby Blue Romper

Baby boy romper, $14,

Embellished Romper

Blue romper, $20,

Ugh, just too cute! Can I get one in my size? No? Too weird? OK.

Images: Etsy (5); Getty Images (1)