How Teen Girls Feel About Street Harassment

Street harassment is pretty common for most women, but despite women reiterating all the time that catcalls are not compliments, lots of people still think that it's somehow OK. But a new documentary from ImMEDIAte Justice about street harassment and teenage girls might be able to give some people a different perspective. Because when 15-year-old girls don't feel safe in their own schools or neighborhoods, something really needs to change.

According to a recent international survey by Hollaback!, most women began experiencing street harassment by the age of 17, and for some girls, it starts as young as the age of 10. I'll repeat that: There are 10-year-olds who have had strangers shout sexual things at them in public. So how does it feel to be a girl who's on the receiving end of unsolicited sexual comments or behavior while minding your own business? Well, many of us don't have to imagine, but for those who do, ImMEDIAte Justice has some real teenage girls who can let you know.

The short documentary is about the teens who created the viral "Catcall For What" video with ImMEDIAte Justice last year, which was shown in LA school and became a sensation on YouTube. In the new video, the girls speak directly to their feelings about street harassment. And so if you think catcalls are harmless, just know that this is how it feels to be a teenage girl dealing with this stuff.

"Sexual harassment makes me feel unsafe and angry."

"I've been harassed just about everywhere ... at school, on the street, out with my friends, and even amusement parks and stuff where it's supposed to be kid friendly."

"I feel angry, because I can't be myself in public."

Hear more of their perspective in the full video below.

Images: Tani Ikeda/YouTube