What Your Fav 'OITNB' BFFs Says About You

Whether you sped through Orange is the New Black Season 3 when it dropped in full on Netflix Thursday as quickly as you rip open presents on Christmas morning, or if you're savoring each episode like one of those people who don't want to tear the paper, chances are Poussey, Taystee, Suzanne, Daya, and Piper are all you can think about this weekend. The women of Litchfield have a way of completely taking over lives, and with good reason: They are all so compelling on their own, but when they come together, the storytelling is instantly elevated. The show is full of best friends, sometimes friends, frenemies, and an assortment of other relationship statuses. The women of Litchfield lean on one another, pull each other up, and tear each other down in equal measure. I cannot think of another show on television that portrays such a wide array of female relationships so brilliantly. It is for this reason, OITNB is the perfect show to look to if you would like to know a bit about you and your best friend.

Think about it: Because OITNB runs the gamut of female friendships, there is an excellent chance that at least one of the show's duos reminds you of you and your BFF. Whether you relate to Taystee and Poussey or Suzanne and Piper, your favorite duo can give you some insight into the reasons why you and your bestie click.

Piper & Suzanne

Suzanne took an instant liking to Piper and wanted become her "wife" early in the first season. The truth of the matter was Suzanne needed a friend more than anyone else in Litchfield, and she recognized new girl Piper as a (beautiful) fellow outsider. Sadly, recent seasons have not seen Piper and Suzanne interact quite as much, but if you still love the awkward give and take between this duo, then you and your bestie are probably fellow oddballs who came together because of circumstances beyond your control (like a party where you were both hanging out in opposite corners).

The bond you share is more enduring than Piper and Suzanne's because, even though you are each different in your own ways, you find strength in each other. And you would definitely throw your pie for your BFF.

Taystee & Poussey

Friendships like Taystee and Poussey's don't come along everyday. They joke together, cry together, and their friendship has withstood both unrequited crushes and Vee. If you and your best friend are like Taystee and Poussey, then your friendship is forever. It has been tested and survived more than once. You know everything worth knowing about each other, and you both daydream about one day picking out matching rocking chairs. Just like Taystee and Poussey, you two are the real deal.

Nicky & Morello

Whoever said opposites attract was a wise soul. Morello is all sweetness and light, while Nicky is a realist with a sarcastic streak. These two wonderful ladies balance each other's extreme personalities, while never dashing the other one's dreams. Fans of Nicky and Morello probably have a similar relationship with their best friend: From the outside, no one understands how the two of you ended up attached at the hip, but neither of you care what anyone else thinks. You understand each other, and that is the only thing that matters.

Red & Vee

Red and Vee are two powerful women who hate each other and love each other... it's complicated, OK? You relate to their constant power struggle more than you would like, and are similar in the sense that you and your bestie both have larger than life personalities — which can lead to huge blowout fights. Sometimes, you swear you hate each other... but in truth, you couldn't live without each other. Yes, your friendship is full of drama, but you wouldn't have it any other way.

Big Boo & Pennsatucky

Sometimes friendships emerge in the most unlikely of places. Big Boo and Pennsatucky are on opposite sides of just about every spectrum imaginable, but, despite their extreme differences, they offer each other a sense of comfort no one else can. Similarly, you and your best friend disagree on all the major political and social subjects, but your friendship transcends world views. When it comes to emotional support, you give each other exactly what the other one needs and that is all that matters.

Flaca & Maritza

Flaca and Maritza are always together, and somehow they have managed to make prison fun. They dance, laugh, and generally make the best of a bad situation. Just like these ladies, you and your BFF can make a party happen anywhere. All you need to have a good time is each other — isn't that the mark of any great friendship?

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