What's On Alex's 'OITNB' Season 3 Mix For Piper?

Raise your hand if you've already found the time during your very busy week to power through Season 3 of Orange is the New Black , which was released on Netflix on Thursday night. I finally finished the entire season over the weekend — with some breaks, thankfully — and I was surprised to see [spoilers] Piper (Taylor Schilling) and Alex (Laura Pepron) actually spend some time as girlfriends, officially. In OITNB Season 3 Episode 4, Alex presents Piper with a Mix List of songs and I wondered what songs would be on it. Why just a handwritten list? They are in prison, so I'm assuming there's no access to Spotify.

"Well, I couldn't make you a mix, so I wrote down the songs I would've put on the mix if were were like normal people," Alex tells Piper as she hands her a yellow piece of notebook paper. Piper reads some of the selections out loud — "Only You" by Yaz, "You Wouldn't Like Me," by Teagan and Sara, "The Pussy is Mine" by Miguel — clearly touched by the gesture. Of course, the duo's bliss doesn't last too long, but let's appreciate this cute moment they had before the season went the way it did, because there's nothing better than a mix of songs from your love.

Here's what other songs I think were probably on Alex's mix list of songs for Piper.

"Cornflake Girl" By Tori Amos

In an interview with NME, Amos said that "cornflake girls" are female friends who hurt each other despite being such close friends. Sounds a bit like Alex and Piper, eh?

"Both Hands" By Ani DiFranco

This sexy, low-key song for those sensual moments.

"Closer" By Teagan & Sara

Sure, this mix could use another Teagan and Sara song. How about this recent hit about just wanting to be close to someone? It fits a lot with the OITNB Season 3 theme of loneliness and togetherness.

"Seeing Other People" By Belle & Sebastian

There are all those uncertain moments in love and here, this track represents those in-between and unsure moments for Piper and Alex.

"Love On Top" By Beyonce

Because Queen Bey must make an appearance on this mix, and this song is perfect for their official devotion to each other. I'm sure Alex has her schmaltzy moments, even in song.

"My Girl" By The Tempations

You can't go wrong with this Motown classic about a gal brightening up the singer's life. It should be reserved for Alex and Piper's happier moments together.

Images: JoJo Whilden/Netflix