Feel Like Peter Pan With An Epic Statement Collar

Collars hit the big time at the turn of the decade with celebs like Alexa Chung and Zooey Deschanel rocking their own quirky styles. But this sought-after shoulder accessory is not dead and buried — statement collars are still trendy and super versatile.

Chung was the forerunner of resurrecting a garment that most would have deemed as menswear. However, she proved that adding an interesting collar to an outfit can either add a touch of androgyny or make an outfit look traditionally feminine and cute. Statement collars have, thus, come to play a huge role in Alexa Chung's hipster style.

Zooey Deschanel adores a Peter Pan collar, too. During an interview with Glamour, Deschanel explained she's a feminist who loves Peter Pan collars,

"We can’t be feminine and be feminists and be successful? I want to be a f*cking feminist and wear a f*cking Peter Pan collar. So f*cking what?" — Zooey Deschanel

As Deschanel highlighted in her interview, many women (myself included) find it difficult to tread the line between being feminine and being a feminist. But in all honesty, we shouldn't over-analyze and we should just wear what we want to wear; whether that be a tailored trouser suit or a pretty, feminine collar.

So here's a selection of collars you can use to completely change your outfit, because one day you might want to throw out some androgynous grunge vibes and the next you may wish to channel the girly Pink Ladies. Be a style chameleon and show the world that your dress sense does not affect your ability to be an awesome feminist.

1. The Polka Dot Peter Pan Collar

Polka Dot Detachable Peter Pan Collar, $23,

This polka dot Peter Pan collar is right up Zooey Deschanel's street. Its monotone color scheme keeps it edgy while the rounded points ensure it remains super sweet. Wear this with a white or black tee and some jeans, to really jazz up your outfit. Contrast colorful accessories in an array of shades or stick to your favorite color to add a signature hue to your outfit.

2. The Mongolian Fur Collar

Tilney Mongolian Collar, $185,

To really add some flair to an outfit, put on this mongolian fur collar. This nude shade would work well with many garments, especially other light, spring shades. Add it to a trench coat for an injection of luxury or wear with an embellished maxi dress in the style of Daisy Buchanan. Trade your light jacket in for this furry collar on a warm, spring/summer evening.

3. The Spiky, Tipped Collar

Bronze Wing Tip Collar, $10,

Channel Victoriana Penny Dreadful vibes in this tipped collar. This collar could be used to make an outfit appear either more elegant or edgier depending on the look you desire. Add to a plain white, long-sleeved jersey dress to transform it from casual wear to formal attire. Or try pairing it with a retro cartoon tee, plaid skirt, and leather jacket for a biker feel.

4. The Removable Sailor Collar

Detachable Sailor Collar in Navy, $25,

Isn't this just the cutest collar in the entire seven seas? It's the perfect choice to channel the nautical trend of spring/summer 2015. This collar is available in a selection of colors but this one is most traditionally nautical and navy is a very wearable shade. It has a sweet, square bib back and a lovely bow at the front. Pair this with a navy top to add some easy, sailor vibes. You could even use it as a pool or beach accessory and wear it with a retro style swimsuit. Alternatively, it could be paired with a striped dress to really create some waves.

5. The Ladylike Lace Collar

Lace Collar, $29,

Add an effortless sprinkling of chicness to your outfit with this lace collar. This collar will literally make any outfit look elegant and ladylike. It would look divine paired with a pastel colored baby doll dress or you could wear it with a plain top as the model above does, to instantly add an air of laid back sophistication.

6. The Glamorous Regal Collar

Chain Drape Collar, $55,

Do you fancy yourself as a queen? Well now you can dress like a queen everyday with this decadent chain collar. This piece would make a statement with any outfit but to really stand out from the crowd, wear for a special occasion with a ball gown in black, white or red. Wear everyday with a gold, sequin cami and shorts to show you can look like an ultra modern monarch if you so desire.

7. The Flirty Feathered Collar

Urbancode Feather Collar Scarf, $16,

This fabulously extravagant feathered collar is perfect for all the Cher Horowitz wannabes out there who crave Clueless style. In black, this feather collar is also giving out powerful Morticia Addams vibes. It could be worn either way — as a throwback to the '90s trend or to make a gothic ensemble more elegant. To channel Cher, wear it with a powderpuff pink, silky slip dress and heels with fluffy pom poms on the toe. If you prefer Morticia's style, add it to a black, sequined maxi dress to exude gothic glamour.

Whatever garments you pair these collars with and however you choose to wear them, stay true to you and don't let society dictate your style. You wouldn't catch Cher Horowitz or Morticia Addams being told what to wear!

Images: Getty Images; Giphy; Courtesy Brands