American Airlines Responds To Homophobic Tweet

There are roughly eight bajillion reasons to be happy that it's almost summer, but chief among them is that June is Pride Month, supporting and celebrating LGBTQ people and their allies worldwide. It is why you're maybe seeing a lot more awesome rainbow-themed things this month, and why American Airlines responded to a homophobic tweet yesterday. In support of Pride Month, the airline has joined with the countless people congregating and celebrating by having an American Airlines rainbow Twitter logo, which apparently prompted a passenger who was complaining about a flight delay to further complain about the show of support. But don't worry, guys, because this Twitter feud has a happy ending—American Airlines shut down the passenger in only a few words, and I am so here for their shade.

Nathan Lorick, the director of Evangelism for Southern Baptists of Texas Convention, was experiencing delays when he vented the same way all frustrated travelers do in 2015: By tweeting at the airline. It was only after he responded saying he was "#disappointed" (not disappointed, guys, but hashtag disappointed) that the airline firmly and politely supported their decision with a winning tweet back. You can see the progression of their tweets from last night below:

Excuse me, I'm very busy basking in the awesomeness of this tweet forever. While I'm doing that, though, you can continue to bask in the awesomeness of a few other customer service tweet replies that won the internet forever:

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A modern fairy tale with a happy ending we can all get ... behind.

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Happens to the best of us, mate.

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