Dads And Kids On Why They're Proud Of Each Other

We already know, the lucky among us from experience, that dads can be totally wonderful—but how often do we verbalize any sort of specific appreciation for that? Probably not enough, and probably the offense goes both ways. In a new video, dads and their kids share why they're proud of each other. The hashtag paired with the video, #TellThemNow, isn't a bad idea in regards to showing love to all people in your life. Not to get super dark, but you absolutely have no idea what the future holds. I'm sure it freaks out some friends, but that's why I often end even causal phone calls or part from hangs telling people I love exactly that.

And even all the bleakness aside re: "life is fleeting!" and that jazz, it's just a nice idea to perpetuate positivity, right? Like when you see someone with a dope-ass manicure at the grocery store and you authentically appreciate that nail art, tell them. You don't know what kind of a crapalicious day they might have been having prior and what that comment do to help hoist them out of it.

But giving your parent or child compliments on their character? Even more positivity can flow from that. Love abounds, y'all! Let's preview some of the responses gathered from this soul-baring exercise:

Nothing like a little blanketing appreciation.

Another sweet collection of compliments. And now for my favorite:

THAT FACE. See the whole video below:

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