Jason May Hold The Key To Charles' Identity

At this point, it seems as though everyone in Rosewood has something to hide, however, the promo for this Tuesday's Pretty Little Liars episode "Songs of Experience," hint that Alison's brother Jason is carrying around one of the biggest secrets in PLL history: Charles' actual identity. During the brief clip, we see Spencer mention the name Charles DiLaurentis right in front of Jason and his response is very telling indeed. The look of recognition on his face indicates that Jason might actually know who Charles is. (Or, as he's referred to in the promo "Charlie.") Of course, that's not to say that we're going to immediately find out everything that Jason does and doesn't know. After all, these clips are rarely ever as cut and dry as they seem. Plus, this series has a knack for answering questions with more questions.

However, that's not to say that Jason knowing Charles won't still prove to be a massive game changer moving forward. For a while now, fans have speculated where Jason's loyalties lie amid all of this drama. Is he Charles' secret twin? Is he actually Charles himself, having assumed Jason's identity? (And if so, is it OK to still be super attracted to him?) And while we undoubtedly still have a long ways to go before solving this massive mystery, it's clear that Alison's brother knows more than he's letting on in regards to this long-lost family member. In fact, he may even be responsible for removing the photos from the DiLaurentis family album.

Speaking of mysterious family memorabilia, if that home movie is any indication, then Jason is significantly closer to Charles' age than Alison is (whether they're twins or not). This means he has a good chance of remembering what actually happened back then that caused Charles to basically disappear from the DiLaurentis family tree. We know that Charles has an unhealthy obsession with Alison. Maybe Jason witnessed Charles hurting her when they were kids and it forced Mr. and Mrs. D. to send him away (to Radley perhaps?) where he no longer posed a threat… or so they thought. Jason might have been instructed to never mention Charles' name again, believing it was the only way to help keep Alison safe.

Then there's the fact that Jason has a knack of disappearing for huge lengths of time on this show. Like, do we really believe Jason went to rehab? This is a series that centers around the concept of lying, so nothing that anyone says should be taken as gospel unless we actually see it for ourselves. (And even then, that's no guarantee.) For all we know, Jason took off to spend some time with Charles, though I'd prefer to believe that he's unaware that Charles and A are one in the same. Otherwise we'd have to officially make him a member of the A Team, which is a thought almost too devastating to comprehend.

Jason may remember Charles, but that doesn't necessarily make him a bad guy. In fact, he could very well be the key to unmasking Charles once and for all. It's time #SummerOfAnswers lived up to its name.

Images: Eric McCandless/ABC Family; prettylittleliars/Tumblr; rosewoodsecret/Tumblr